Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Visit Malaysia 2014


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"Malaysia Truly Asia" is more than just a slogan. It reflects precisely who Malaysians are. Yes, Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual nation where people of diverse races and religions live in harmony. One moment you may come across a mosque next to a temple and church. The next moment, you will meet a Malay, Chinese, Indian and a Eurasian dining on the same table in a restaurant. Malaysians are humble, tolerant, friendly and most importantly, respect one another regardless of one’s race, religion and background.  It is this true Malaysian value that binds them together. 
Malaysians comprise the Malays who are the majority followed by the Chinese, Indians and aborigines such as Iban, Kadazan and other minorities like the Peranakan and Eurasian. The culture of Malaysia is an amalgamation of many traditions handed down from many generations centuries ago. Each ethnic still continues practicing their own culture and traditions, and at the same time, some rituals and traditions have become more colourful and enriching through intermarriage as well as assimilation of other cultures. For an instance, tourists may find it surprising to see a Chinese wearing a Malay dress (baju kurung) or a Malay eating with chopsticks, or an Indian speaking Chinese Hokkien dialect. it is also very interesting to experience the like of an Eurasian of Portuguese and Chinese descent singing a Bollywood song. Or a Baba and Nyonya speaking Malay and praying to Chinese deities.more click here


They have huge noses that garner attention. They also have big bellies and live in groups. They are not your ordinary tree swinging monkeys. They don’t eat ripe bananas. And they have webbed feet and swim incredibly! Yes, we are talking about the proboscis monkey, a rare and endangered animal found primarily in Borneo and predominantly in Sabah. more click here

Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) was first launched in 1990 with the theme “Fascinating Malaysia. Year of Festivals”.  The campaign was a huge success with Malaysia charting 7.4 million in tourist arrivals compared to 4.8 million in 1989. To enable tourists to easily recognize Malaysia, the “Orang Utan, the endangered species found in East Malaysia was used as a mascot and it was named “Wira”. Apart from it, Kuala Lumpur’s famous landmark, Sultan Abdul Samad building was featured as the official Visit Malaysia Year 1990 logo. Malaysia Independence Day in August 31 was the anchor for 84 major events, 14 festivals and nine exhibitions during VMY 1990. Who could ever forget the song “To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia” during VMY 1990?
The success of VMY 1990 has spurred another VMY in 1994. This time around, the theme was “Fascinating Malaysia. Naturally More”. VMY 1994 maintained its words “Fascinating Malaysia” for the theme but injected a punch line “Naturally More” to reflect more exciting things and events lined up for that year. “Orang Utan” was once again used as the mascot.

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